Wastemaster - 38L Waste Water Container

  • £61.50

Available at our Sandown store only

A strong dual-purpose waste carrier for leisure vehicles, the wastemaster will slide under most caravans.

Take the waste water and toilet cassette to the disposal point in one trip. Anchoring holes take the supplied security straps to hold the toilet cassette in place.

Made of rigid high density Polyethylene, it has a unique shape that gives good balance when transporting.  Bottom emptying outlet with cap retaining strap.

  • UK's number 1 waste container.
  • 10 Year container guarantee.
  • 38 litre capacity.
  • The unique shape gives good balance.
  • Wheels and axle easily removed for cleaning and storage.
  • Take waste water and toilet cassette to disposal.
  • Wide wheels to spread load on soft ground.
  • Carry platform for toilet cassette etc... luggage elastics included.
  • Dimensions: 355mm x 1000mm x 160mm
  • Product Weight – 4.5kg approximately

Available in  beige or silver.