Wessex Blue Bio 1 litre

Wessex Blue Bio 1 litre

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Blue Bio toilet fluid is a new generation, multi-purpose, blue toilet fluid primarily for cassette/waste tanks and flush tanks in caravans, motorhomes and portable camping toilets. Blue Bio toilet fluid is also suitable for use in septic tanks, boat holding tanks and grey water tanks (where the blue dye isn't an issue). Blue Bio is a very green toilet fluid, but is blue in colour.


  • Environmentally friendly - 100% biodegradable with food grade dye and natural substances
  • Effective - concentrated with up to 50 doses per bottle
  • Multi-purpose - waste, flush tank, grey water tank, holding and septic tank
  • Pleasant perfume - masks bad odours whilst the bacteria consume waste and the source of unpleasant smells
  • Washable deep blue dye
  • Safe to use - non-hazardous
  • Measuring chamber - no wasteful overdosing
  • Easy to use - dosing bottle and non-foaming
  • Flush tank additive - cleans flush tank and keeps it clean
  • Protects - lubricant to protect seals and moving parts.

Suitable for -

  • Cassette/waste tanks in caravans/motorhomes
  • Flush tanks in caravans
  • Grey water tanks
  • Holding tanks in boats
  • Septic tanks
  • Portable/camping toilets